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We are identical twins, Paola and Pamela Del Hierro known as the “Iron Twins”. Peruvian born, raised in Canada now living in the USA. Our last name is Spanish and translates to “of Iron”.

Our tenacity and thirst for adventure led us to discover CrossFit and Obstacle Racing (OCR) back in 2013, where we were instantly hooked. Our passion for the sport and camaraderie grew so strong that we decided to make it a lifestyle constantly looking for new challenges, which landed us as two of the participants on History Channels, “The Selection: Special Operations Experiment” where they placed 30 men and women with no military background through the most intense physical and mental challenge of our lives.

The Series only lasted that one Season but the learning we took from that experience changed us forever in truly understanding the power of the mind and the will to keep pushing forward, a mindset we will keep nourishing for a lifetime.

We followed our passion and went on to become Coaches at the first ever Spartan Gym at 1 Hotels in Miami Florida and CoFounded Iron Army, a high intensity beach training developing mentally strong life warriors through obstacle training and functional fitness.

Just when we thought we were living out our dream working together in the fitness industry helping motivate and inspire others to push themselves to defeat their greatest adversary: themselves, we found out we were BOTH pregnant and if that wasn’t crazy enough we were both expecting boys!

Little did we know that Motherhood would be our greatest obstacle, life changing on every level; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual where quitting is NOT an option. We are truly grateful for having had one another through each and every stage of pregnancy, postpartum and the ongoing  journey as new mom’s in this next chapter of life, so much that we have made it our mission to specialize in helping women through our personal support system and iron will to motivate and inspire an active pregnancy along with evidence-based wellness protocols to train and prepare for —entering motherhood is a lifelong journey and just as one man sharpens another, we truly believe that together we are STRONGER!

Participants on History Channels
TV Series “The Selection”

History places 30 men and women with no military background through the most intense physical and mental challenge of their lives.

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