Join us TODAY, as we start our 12days of FIT-mas Challenge!✨ .

Our GIFT to you! Both Pre and Post Natal exercises to keep you happy, healthy and MOVING during this holiday Season! .

The Rules:
1️⃣Follow us @irontwins_fitness! Both Twins will perform the daily bodyweight exercise in our STORIES over the next 12 days so stay tuned! .

2️⃣Post your own videos or pics doing the challenge anytime/anywhere (break them up however you wish as long as you get it done!) .

3️⃣Use the hashtag #IronTwins12days in your POST or STORIES so we can see it and hold one another accountable!
? Make sure to use the hashtag #IronTwins12days (If you don’t tag it, did it really happen?!) .

Merry FIT-mas… let’s do THIS!! ??‍♀️??