This is it mamas, the last streeeetch, only 3 months to go woohoo! We are so excited to share this challenge with you!! Join today and receive my accountability checklist, as well as daily workout motivation & tips, including encouragement and support from me and our community to keep you going STRONG.? #FinishStrongMama

I get it…it’s HARD to stay motivated to exercise frequently in the #3rdtrimester. Your body feels awkward, you feel heavy, and the bump is big enough to make a lot of easy movements extremely challenging. Shortness of breath is common and frustrating, and watching yourself get slower and larger can be discouraging, and even depressing at times.

Sharing this experience with my twin sister in our first pregnancies with our boys was truly a blessing. The sense of companionship and support was EVERYTHING! A lot of lessons were learned and I must say, I miss that connection this second time around on my own.

Iron Twins, Pamela & Paola Del Hierro

So I took what I learned, made a promise to myself to do things better, and have been documenting as much as I can in hopes to help other pregnant women feel motivated, supported, and empowered through this sometimes difficult emotional/physical time.

Wether you’re a new mom, already have kids, or maybe in your 1st or 2nd trimester, or not even pregnant but need and extra push to stay motivated and consistent, it’s nice to know your not ALONE.

I (Pamela) am currently #31WeeksPregnant and plan to workout until the end! I would love to cheer you on and offer any guidance I can so that you too can Finish Strong! Join my challenge and I promise you I’m here for YOU… Let’s DO THIS!!?

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Disclaimer: Please consult with your DR and get the green light before starting this challenge or any other new exercise program. ??