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Paola Del Hierro, Pamela Del Hierro, Iron Twins, Iron Twins Fitness


Each month commits to 30 days of movement, rest days included. The more challenges you do, the better the results and the more chances to win our End-Of-Year GRAND PRIZE! 


Hi! We are identical twins, Paola and Pamela Del Hierro (aka Iron Twins) and we want to be your accountability partners. We have found that through our personal experiences, support system and Iron will, that we are Stronger Together.

We created "Iron Twins Strong" monthly challenge for anyone who is committed to leveling up their fitness. We support YOU along with our global community of Warrior Women. We empower one another through movement to become better than yesterday by breaking all doubts and fears to elevate and celebrate our best lives one win at a time!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”

Proverbs 27:17

Iron Twins, Iron Twins Fitness, Pamela Del Hierro, Paola Del Hierro
Iron Twins, Iron Twins Fitness, Pamela Del Hierro, Paola Del Hierro, GRRRL
Iron Twins Challenge, Iron Twins, Strong Challenge, Pamela Del Hierro, Paola Del Hierro
Iron Twins, Iron Twins Fitness, Strong Challenge, Pamela Del Hierro, Paola Del Hierro


Because every next level of your life demands a new level of you. We believe small wins on a daily basis lead to big results. We focus on building upper body and core strength, all levels welcome. If you are working towards your first pull-up, push-up or handstand then our challenges will help get you there!


Warrior Mindset, Iron Twins, Iron Twins Fitness


✅ Embrace the discomfort, unlock your potential

✅ Forge unshakable confidence and unwavering strength

✅ Cultivate healthy habits that transform your life

✅ Warrior Mindset: Harness the power of your mind, rewrite your destiny

✅ Daily growth: 1% stronger, mentally and physically

✅ Join the tribe: Forge new friendships, uplift one another

The exercises are just the beginning; the true victory lies in showing up for yourself every single day


Monthly Challenge, Fitness Challenge, Fitness for Women

Monthly Challenge

Quick and Effective 30 Day Challenge to keep you motivated! Take 2-3 rest days per week. It's all about the small daily WINS.

Fitness Tutorial for Women, Fitness for Women

Video Tutorials

Direct support from the Iron Twins. Level 1 & Level 2 video tutorials. All fitness levels are welcome!

Iron Twins, Iron Twins Strong, Strong Challenges, Iron Twins Challenge

Community Support

Private Warrior Women support group to hold you accountable. Post progress pics, receive tips & make new friends!


The more challenges you do the more chances you have to WIN.
Remember to: Tag @irontwins_fitness and #IronTwinsStrong

1. Participate in as many challenges as possible throughout the year

2. Stay CONSISTENT Small daily wins lead to big results. You got this!

3. Invite your friends to join, hold one another accountable and watch each other GROW!

Strong Challenge, Challenge Winner, Iron Twins, Iron Twins Strong

At the end of the year Iron Twins will select a GRAND PRIZE Winner!!

 Iron Twins Gear

✅ Gifts from our 2023 Sponsors

✅ Get featured on Iron Twins IG page


"I have been doing the #IronTwinsStrong challenges for the last three years. Each month is like the excitement of opening a gift!


Sometimes it’s something I can easily do and sometimes it truly challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. Iron Twins makes the challenges fun,  supportive and builds a community of women who cheer for each other. 


It’s always surprising to see the strength and proficiency gained in a month's time by consistently doing daily reps of an exercise.


Glad to be a part of the Iron Twins Strong Community!"

- Wendy 🇺🇸


"Feeling stronger, doing this together. No experience necessary, just show up and do the minutes. It doesn't take long in a day, but it brings me a long way, throughout the year!


I'm always looking forward to the challenges, keeping me pushing myself, even if I don't feel like it. There's always an answer or a little push, it becomes a part of my day."

- Renate Ritskes 🇳🇱


"My motto is 'nothing is impossible' and my goal is to one day, be able to do a handstand.


Found Iron Twins on Instagram and discovered their #IronTwinsStrong challenges to build and strengthen handstands with different exercises for every month.


Millions thanks to your hard-work and I appreciate being a part of your community to be a stronger ME."

- Santhi Kennås 🇸🇪


"Fitness is a personal journey and for each individual a road their own. Setting goals for oneself is an excellent way to grow and move on down that road. I have found the monthly challenges set by Irontwins Fitness have not only forced me out of my comfort zone but proven to me exactly what I am truly capable of doing. First, they do the challenge with you so you have built in teammates. Second, they make sure your form is correct and always offer tips and pointers to help you along the way. Recently, during a 30 day headstand challenge, I was able to go from not being confident to try one on Day 1 to successfully completing the headstand and hold by Day 30 - with proper form due to the guidance and training by Irontwins Fitness. Support like this is priceless and they do it with a smile, humor and grace. I am proud to be a member of their challenge team and look forward to new adventures every month. Stronger every day in mind, body and soul."

- Marie 🇺🇸


Do You Accept the Challenge?
It all begins with one small WIN.

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